Who Qualifies For Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer a long lasting and natural looking solution to tooth loss. But are they for everyone? In today’s blog, we’re looking at who makes a good candidate for implant dentistry and discussing how we place and maintain them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Question: What if I have gum disease?

Answer: We often look for issues related to the gums before placement. The advanced stage of gum disease, also known as periodontitis, can lead to the connective tissues between the teeth and gums deteriorating. Soon, this can cause loose or lost teeth. The disease can also cause implant failure.

Question: Does my jawbone tissue factor into my candidacy?

Answer: When we lose our teeth, the body stops supplying the jawbone with doses of calcium and phosphorus. Without these doses, the jawbone begins to break down, which can lead to further tooth loss and an aged appearance. While placing dental implants can stimulate jawbone tissue, there needs to be enough available to support the new tooth.

Question: Can you treat underlying health issues?

Answer: We can offer treatment to help manage gum disease and can discuss bone grafting and other procedures to address the loss of jawbone density. We can also treat infections and other issues that could impact your candidacy.

Question: What benefits do dental implants offer?

Answer: As we touched on above, they can stimulate the growth of jawbone tissue and help preserve your facial structure and remaining natural teeth. They also look completely natural and blend seamlessly with your smile. When also last much longer than traditional bridges or dentures, offering patients decades of quality tooth replacement in some cases.

Do You Have Questions About Implant Dentistry?

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