The Surprising – And Worrying – Effects Of Gum Disease

While many people understand that gum disease is a real problem, they can fail to appreciate the nature of the threat posed to their periodontal tissue. If you want to make sure you keep your smile fully intact well into your golden years, you should know that the leading cause of adult tooth loss concerns complications with gum disease. You should also know that gum disease can lead to complications with other major health threats. This includes problems like heart disease! If you see signs that you might be experiencing an infection in your periodontal tissue, let your dentist know about it. Through modern treatment methods, you can have your gums restored to good health.

The Health Of Your Gums Can Have A Big Impact On Your Overall Well-Being

Patients who develop gum disease and fail to seek treatment can face serious health complications. The tissues holding your teeth in place can deteriorate over time due to infection, and cause tooth loss. This condition is also connected to issues like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and low birth weight!

Using Modern Techniques To Treat Your Periodontal Issues

LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) offers a modern approach to periodontal care. By relying on lasers to work on your gum tissue, your dentist can reduce your bleeding and recovery time. This procedure safely trims tissue that has been affected by disease, leading to the regrowth of healthy tissue. The heat of the lasers can close wounds almost instantly, so there is less bleeding, and you can heal sooner. Removing diseased tissue is important if you want to enjoy better oral health, and general health.

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