Teeth Whitening in Independence, Missouri

Your Newly Glittering Smile

Do you feel disappointed in the appearance of your smile because it looks a bit dull instead of gleaming? You can quickly and comfortably transform your teeth into the vibrant white smile you dream of by visiting us for professional teeth whitening.

What To Expect From Teeth Whitening

At Scott A. Roberson, DDS, FAGD, we offer professional whitening systems to dramatically whiten and brighten your teeth. To effectively whiten teeth, professional systems include bleaching gel formulated to remove both surface stains and deep stains. We offer the following systems:

  • In-Office: This whitening allows you to visit our office for a single visit that lasts just under one hour. We use Opalesence, a system that includes both powerful whitening ingredients, as well as sensitivity reducers.
  • Take-Home: Our KOR Whitening system allows you to whiten your teeth in your own home according to your daily schedule. You will wear the trays nightly for two weeks. This system also greatly reduces sensitivity.

The Advantages Of Teeth Whitening

Choosing professional teeth whitening offers you a variety of advantages. Namely, we carefully select the best formula for your needs, unlike over-the-counter (OTC) options, which act as a one-size-fits-all solution. Look over the following advantages of teeth whitening with Scott A. Roberson, DDS, FAGD:

  • Achieve a smile ten or more shades whiter
  • Enjoy a personalized whitening plan that works with your lifestyle
  • Achieve improved self-esteem as a result of your whiter smile
  • Ensure incredible strength combined with minimal to no sensitivity with our specially formulated systems

Your Dental Needs

If you wish for a brighter, glittering smile, you are on your way toward excellent candidacy for teeth whitening. Our systems are typically appropriate for individuals as young as 14 and up. However, cosmetic teeth whitening is ineffective on prosthetics like crowns. If you do not display a smile full of your natural teeth, speak with Dr. Roberson about other options for the smile you deserve. In addition, if you have any questions about dental insurance or other payment options, please call our office at 816-350-0808.

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