Staying On Top Of Your Periodontal Health Needs

A cavity-free smile may not be in perfect health. When your dentist takes your full oral health into account, they are also investigating the condition of your gum tissue. The effect gum disease can have on your smile might shock you. Are you aware of the link periodontal problems can have to tooth loss? If you allow advanced gum disease – periodontitis – to form, you are now dealing with the issue that is most likely to cause adult tooth loss. Your dentist can help you address problems with your oral health, including your gum health, so that periodontitis is not given the opportunity to form.

Avoiding Problems Caused By Advanced Gum Disease

If you want to avoid periodontitis, make sure action is taken to protect your gums when you show signs of gingivitis. These signs can include an unusual susceptibility to bleeding when you brush and floss, as well as a swelling or reddening of tissue. A deep cleaning (which can also be referred to as a scaling/root planing) will carefully remove bacteria from your teeth under the gum line, and treat teeth so that bacteria has a harder time taking hold. If you already have issues with advanced gum disease, your dentist can help you manage the condition with care that targets any issues that have come up.

Taking Care Of All Your Oral Health Needs

Your best smile depends on enjoying superior oral health. If you want to keep on top of any issues that may develop in your lifetime, regularly scheduling routine dental exams can be crucial. Arranging to see your dentist every six months can provide you with ongoing care that limits your risk for problems like periodontitis, which can significantly complicate matters with your smile.

Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Roberson If You Are Worried About Your Periodontal Health

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