Seeing Symptoms Of Gum Disease? What To Do Next

You may notice something seems amiss with your smile when you check your teeth. When you check out your gum tissue, you may notice swelling, or reddened tissue. You may become alarmed if your gums have started to bleed after brushing and flossing. These are all signs of poor periodontal health. Over time, you can also notice a change as your gum line recedes. You should take these symptoms seriously. After all, when gum disease goes untreated, it can grow more advanced, and create serious concerns. Your dentist can work with you to treat periodontal problems like gingivitis, and protect your smile.

What Can Happen If Gum Disease Is NOT Treated

Gingivitis is an early stage of a periodontal infection. As time passes, that infection can grow more severe, and you can develop what is known as periodontitis. Patients affected by periodontitis are limited to managing the health of their periodontal tissue, and face an increased risk for tooth loss! To avoid this, talk to your dentist about treatment for gum disease.

Using LANAP To Address Gum Disease

LANAP is a modern approach to periodontal treatment that relies on care through the use of lasers. With this type of treatment, you can look forward to a treatment that causes less bleeding, less discomfort, and a shorter recovery time.

Preventive Oral Care Benefits Your Whole Mouth, Not Just Your Teeth

Improving your degree of preventive dental care can do more than just keep you safe from cavities. Oral bacteria that travel below the gum line create periodontal infections. If you keep up with good oral care habits, you can eliminate those bacteria, keeping your periodontal tissue safe.

Talk To Independence Family And Cosmetic Dentistry If You Notice Symptoms Of Gum Disease

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