Secure Your Best Smile With A Dental Bonding Treatment

What problem – or problems – are stopping you from enjoying your best smile? If you have suffered enduring frustration because of dental problems that hurt the quality of your appearance, you may want to approach the subject of cosmetic dentistry with your dentist. The care you need may be less involved than you expect. One way many patients will see positive changes is through a dental bonding and contouring treatment. Bonding and contouring are often performed in tandem, and can be combined to make precise and important improvements to teeth. This can be a less costly solution than having porcelain veneers placed, and you may be able to enjoy your improved smile after just a single appointment!

How A Bonding Treatment Can Make Real Changes In One Visit

Your dentist does not need to permanently alter your teeth before a dental bonding procedure. Contouring does involve the removal of material, but your dentist is careful to only remove excess material, to bring the tooth in line with its surroundings. There is also no need for any lab-made restorations, so you are not forced to wait for a third party to produce materials before you can see real improvements. While some patients do need to set follow-up appointments, just because of the number of teeth they need addressed, many others will have their bonding and contouring procedure completed in one session.

Exploring Cosmetic Treatment Options With Your Dentist

If your goal is to enjoy a smile that shows real improvement, talk with your dentist about the cosmetic treatment options available to you. They can walk you through the procedures, and examine your smile, so that they can make informed observations about what procedure might best benefit you.

Talk To Your Dentist About A Dental Bonding Treatment!

Dr. Roberson can make impressive changes to your smile when you see him for a dental bonding treatment. The team at Independence Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can make sure your needs are met when you are pursuing cosmetic work, restorative work, or just coming in for a standard checkup. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services, call our dental office in Independence, MO, today at 816-350-0808.