Root Canal Therapy in Independence, Missouri

Safeguard Your Smile

If your tooth suffers an infection, Dr. Roberson will suggest root canal therapy. We encourage you to avoid focusing on the procedure itself, which most patients report results in no more than the mild discomfort associated with a dental filling. Instead, Dr. Roberson and our dental team invite you to consider the wonderful benefits of this restorative treatment.

What To Expect From Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment that removes infected pulp from your “root canals” or the lowermost hollows of your teeth. Within these structures exist pulp, nerves, blood, and blood vessels, which keep your tooth alive and healthy. When bacteria make their way down into your root canals, either through a cavity or crack in your tooth, an infection occurs. This infection threatens the life of your tooth.

Dr. Roberson will numb your tooth and surrounding area to prep you for root canal therapy. He will carefully remove the infected pulp. He will remove decayed tooth tissue within the opening and smooth the remaining tooth. After administering a dental filling, he may complete the procedure with a dental crown.

The Advantages Of Root Canal Therapy

Saying, “yes” to root canal therapy can greatly improve your daily quality of life and your long-term oral health. Look over the following advantages of this treatment:

  • Root canal therapy returns your mouth to optimal health by protecting surrounding teeth from the potential spread of infection
  • Root canal therapy prevents your tooth from abscessing
  • Therapy prevents your tooth from dying, which results in the need for an extraction
  • We offer root canal retreatment if you require additional care for a problem tooth, as well as complex root canal treatment

Your Dental Needs

If Dr. Roberson diagnoses you with an infected tooth that is not yet too infected to save, he will deem you a worthy candidate for root canal therapy. A good reason to schedule an appointment for a potentially infected tooth may include:

  • Painful chewing
  • A pimple that comes and goes on the gum near your affected tooth
  • Your tooth is extremely sensitive to extremes in temperature
  • You have a fever
  • Your gum appears quite swollen near the affected tooth

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