Responding To A Persistent Toothache

An aching tooth can intrude on your day, disrupt your sense of well-being, and make it particularly difficult to enjoy a meal. While you may hope that the problem will resolve itself in time, you should know that a problem like this could be a sign that your tooth is in need of restorative dental care. Ongoing pain is often caused when something is wrong with the tooth’s living tissue. It could be because of an advanced cavity, or you could have dental damage that has led to your current situation. Your dentist can carefully check for any possible issues, and recommend the appropriate course of action, so that your tooth pain is no longer a concern.

Protecting Your Oral Health When You Have An Advanced Cavity

If you are suffering pain because of an advanced cavity, your dentist will take great care to preserve your tooth. An advanced cavity that leads to internal problems will require a root canal treatment. After performing this, your dentist will make sure you have the dental protection you need by fitting the tooth in question with a dental crown.

Am I Going To Lose My Tooth?

Your dentist will only extract a tooth when there is no other way to address the problem. Fortunately, even if this is necessary, modern prosthetic dental care can offer great support for your smile. You can have a dental implant put in place to hold your restoration. The implant acts like a tooth root, which will keep the prosthetic stable, while also performing important functions that benefit the health of your jaw.

Talk To Independence Family And Cosmetic Dentistry If You Need To Address A Toothache

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