Quiz: Your Daily Dental Care Responsibilities

Your teeth live with cavity risks every day, and you should recognize that oral care is a daily responsibility. If you are serious about stopping cavities from forming, pay attention to how you clean your teeth, and what you eat and drink through the day. Brushing at least twice a day and keeping your sugar intake modest will help, but you should also be flossing at least once a day. The healthiest smiles typically belong to those who exercise smart daily care, and enjoy regular dental appointments. If you ever have concerns about your daily dental care, you can always review your typical care with your dentist, who can offer helpful guidance.


True Or False: If you limit your sugar intake and brush your teeth at least twice a day, flossing can offer little to no improvement over your current oral care practices.

True Or False: Brushing and flossing will help you combat gum disease, as well as cavities.

True Or False: Tartar is not something you can remove during your daily care, but your hygienist can remove it during a professional dental cleaning.


False! Flossing allows you to effectively address those spaces between teeth that your brush can fail to clean properly. Missing out on this practice can leave portions of your teeth without the care they deserve.

True! Destroying oral bacteria means stopping those bacteria before they can move below your gum line and cause gum disease. Stopping gum disease can protect you from having issues with tooth loss in your later years.

True! Tartar resists brushing and flossing. However, the substance is no match for your hygienist, who can remove tartar during a professional dental cleaning. These cleaning sessions take place during your regular preventive dental care appointments.

Combining Daily Dental Care With Preventive Care From Dr. Roberson

When you match quality daily dental care with the preventive care you receive at Independence Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, you can enjoy a robust cavity defense. Dr. Roberson is able to protect you from cavities, but you can also trust our office for any restorative or cosmetic treatments you pursue. We care for patients in Independence, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Kansas City, Grain Valley, Liberty, and surrounding areas. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our practice, call our dental office in Independence, MO, today at 816-350-0808.