Periodontal Care Offers Long-Term Value For Your Smile

Taking care of your gums, and taking action when you feel something might be wrong, can help you prevent tooth loss in your later years. So why would your gums have an influence over your risk for tooth loss? The main reason adults lose teeth when they are older is because gum disease was allowed to develop and grow in severity over time. When you have advanced gum disease, known as periodontis, you will suffer damage to the tissue responsible for supporting your teeth. Your dentist can provide periodontal care when you feel something is wrong, so that you can avoid periodontitis, and keep your complete smile.

Signs Your Periodontal Health Might Be In Trouble

What are you supposed to look for when you check your gums for signs of trouble? One common problem is a receding gum line. If your teeth seem longer, or have become sensitive, it could be because portions of your teeth that normally reside below your gums are now exposed. You should also pay attention for issues like reddening and swelling of gum tissue.

Using Lasers During Periodontal Treatment

With the use of lasers, your dentist can provide you with periodontal care that is more precise. In addition to precision, the lasers will actually help you recover faster, and bleed less. Patients who have laser treatment for periodontal trouble will recover sooner, and with less discomfort, than if they received care with a scalpel.

Keeping Up With Regular Oral Care Through Checkups

Regular dental checkups protect your entire smile – your dentist cares about your gums, just like they care about your teeth. At every appointment, your dentist will watch for any issues that might call for their intervention.

Talk To Dr. Roberson About Periodontal Care

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