Not Flossing Can Leave You Vulnerable To Oral Health Issues

not-flossing-can-leave-you-vulnerable-to-oral-health-issuesThink about how well you have been taking care of your teeth lately. Would you be eager to tell your dentist how well you have kept up with your oral care, or would this conversation feel more like a confession? If you want to be sure you are doing right by your teeth, make sure you floss regularly. Flossing is important to preventing dental troubles – keeping up with this habit can help you protect yourself against cavities, and against gum disease. Remember that proper care at home, and regular visits to your dentist, can help you keep up with your smile’s condition.

Want To Avoid Gum Disease? Be Sure You Brush And Floss Effectively

Gum disease can spell trouble for your smile. If it is allowed to become serious, a periodontal infection can damage oral tissues, doing enough harm to cause you to lose teeth! Brushing and flossing your teeth effectively can remove bacteria that could move under your gum line, and cause an infection to develop. If a problem has developed, your dentist can provide important periodontal support.

The Best Oral Care Includes Good At-Home Care And Dental Visits

Great oral care at home is vital, but you still miss important care when you are not seeing your dentist for regular checkups. Your hygienist will give your teeth a level of care during each appointment that you cannot recreate at home. That cleaning can lead to the removal of tartar, which can persist even after you brush and floss. Your dentist can catch problems as they are developing when you see them regularly, which can mean restorative dental care for a problem before that problem becomes severe.