Making Regular Dental Visits Part Of Your Oral Care Strategy

Think about what you do to prevent cavities: Do you brush at least twice a day? Are you careful to make sure you fully clean your teeth? What about flossing? Do you pay attention to how your diet might affect your likelihood of suffering from tooth decay? Hopefully, you take your daily responsibilities to your teeth seriously. When you stay on top of your dental needs, you can stay on top of your cavity risks. Of course, putting great care towards your teeth at home does not mean you are excused from regular dental visits! Routine checkups help you stay informed about the quality of your smile, and provide care that exceeds the kind of support you enjoy through brushing and flossing alone.

A Cleaner, Healthier Mouth Thanks To A Routine Dental Cleaning

A routine dental cleaning can take oral hygiene beyond what you enjoy at home. Your hygienist is trained to provide expert care – that means a full cleaning of hard to reach areas, but it also means the removal of tartar. This thorough semiannual cleaning can make it easier for you to stay cavity-free.

How An Overlooked Cavity Can Do Serious Harm To Your Tooth

What can a cavity do when it is not caught and treated by your dentist? With enough time, decay will lead to internal problems for your tooth. Bacteria entering your pulp can infect the tooth’s living tissue – this can lead to chronic pain, and make a root canal treatment necessary. If the problem is ignored at this point, your tooth could eventually suffer permanent damage, and leave your dentist no option other than to remove it.