Is It Snoring, Or Is It Sleep Apnea?

Is it just a snoring problem that causes you to make a night’s rest elusive for your partner? The loud, rumbling sound you make while you sleep can be embarrassing. What you should know is that when snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, your issue can be more than just an inconvenience. People who are dealing with sleep apnea fail to enjoy a full night’s sleep, and lose out on crucial health benefits. You can be groggy and inattentive during the day because you lack proper rest. You also face risks related to elevated blood pressure, which can include heart disease.

Treating Sleep Apnea Through Your Dentist

People who seek out treatment for sleep apnea may be unaware that their dentist’s office may be able to provide relief without a CPAP machine. If you have obstructive sleep apnea, your dentist can help you by supplying you with a special oral appliance. While you sleep, the appliance will hold your jaw in a position to keep your airways from being blocked. This is a pleasing alternative treatment to many people, who do not care for the idea of trying to sleep while wearing a cumbersome CPAP machine.

Knowing What Your Dentist Can Do For You Can Help You Keep Up With Good Care

If you stay on top of regular dental visits, you can be more informed about what kind of care your dentist offers. Regular patients can learn about sleep apnea treatment, and avoid having to seek out treatment from another professional.

Talk To Independence Family And Cosmetic Dentistry About Signs Of Sleep Apnea

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