Seeking Care When Your Child Has A Cavity

You can be frustrated by the news you need treatment for a cavity. For your child, that news can be downright alarming. Younger patients can be unsure of what to expect from restorative dental care. What you should know is that your dentist is sensitive to that uncertainty and fear, and can take care to put your child at ease when they come in for a cavity treatment. One benefit to starting regular dental care for children at a young age is that they can feel more comfortable in the dentist’s office. Regular care can limit their cavity risk, but it can also help ensure that if they do suffer a cavity, they do not panic at the news they need treatment for it. (more…)

Staying On Top Of Your Periodontal Health Needs

A cavity-free smile may not be in perfect health. When your dentist takes your full oral health into account, they are also investigating the condition of your gum tissue. The effect gum disease can have on your smile might shock you. Are you aware of the link periodontal problems can have to tooth loss? If you allow advanced gum disease – periodontitis – to form, you are now dealing with the issue that is most likely to cause adult tooth loss. Your dentist can help you address problems with your oral health, including your gum health, so that periodontitis is not given the opportunity to form. (more…)

Need A Root Canal? What You Should Know

People can have a knee-jerk aversion when they receive the news that they need a root canal treatment. While the procedure’s reputation can put you ill at ease, you should understand that a root canal is an important procedure that can stop a serious tooth problem. Essentially, this restorative dental procedure is needed to stop a problem severe enough to create internal tooth issues. It is often employed because a person needs to have a cavity removed that has moved to their tooth’s pulp. However, it can sometimes be needed when you have suffered a dental injury. (more…)

Quiz: Gaining And Sustaining A White Smile

What does it take to make sure your teeth look their best? One common concern people have is over the color of their teeth. Simply put, a dull, discolored smile can hurt your overall appearance, sap your confidence, and be a general source of frustration or embarrassment. Cosmetic dentistry offers treatments that can have a major impact on the condition of your smile. Through a professional whitening treatment, you can see real, positive changes. However, if you suffer from intrinsic discoloration, your dentist may steer you towards an alternative treatment. While whitening agents work well against stains in your enamel, a different approach can be needed when your teeth are stained due to internal issues. (more…)

Secure Your Best Smile With A Dental Bonding Treatment

What problem – or problems – are stopping you from enjoying your best smile? If you have suffered enduring frustration because of dental problems that hurt the quality of your appearance, you may want to approach the subject of cosmetic dentistry with your dentist. The care you need may be less involved than you expect. One way many patients will see positive changes is through a dental bonding and contouring treatment. Bonding and contouring are often performed in tandem, and can be combined to make precise and important improvements to teeth. This can be a less costly solution than having porcelain veneers placed, and you may be able to enjoy your improved smile after just a single appointment! (more…)

How Can I Avoid A Tooth Extraction?

Your dentist will not extract your tooth if any other option exists to settle whatever dental issue you are facing. This procedure is reserved only for situations where there is no other means of correcting an oral health problem. While this can be performed safely, the loss of a tooth is no minor concern. If you want to prevent yourself from being in a situation where an extraction must be performed, pay attention to the condition of your oral health. If you suspect you have a problem, delaying an examination gives that problem time to worsen. One of the reasons patients are told to come in for regular dental treatment is so that your dentist can routinely examine you for any possible problems, like tooth decay, and provide care before the matter grows serious. (more…)

Addressing Your Oral Health Needs In A Dental Emergency

When you suffer a dental emergency, your oral health needs can become a sudden priority. A once-healthy mouth can now call for restorative dental care, and that need can be urgent, particularly if you are at risk for losing a tooth. Your dentist can make sure they are available to see you when you need care on short notice. The type of care you need will depend on the severity of the issue. That being said, you can count on dental care that aims to fully restore your smile, so that you have no lingering issues after your treatment has completed. (more…)

Making Regular Dental Visits Part Of Your Oral Care Strategy

Think about what you do to prevent cavities: Do you brush at least twice a day? Are you careful to make sure you fully clean your teeth? What about flossing? Do you pay attention to how your diet might affect your likelihood of suffering from tooth decay? Hopefully, you take your daily responsibilities to your teeth seriously. When you stay on top of your dental needs, you can stay on top of your cavity risks. Of course, putting great care towards your teeth at home does not mean you are excused from regular dental visits! Routine checkups help you stay informed about the quality of your smile, and provide care that exceeds the kind of support you enjoy through brushing and flossing alone. (more…)

Taking Bruxism Seriously As An Oral Health Threat

How much harm are you really going to do if you grind your teeth at night? You might be bothered by soreness in your jaw and jaw. Your teeth could be painful or sensitive. Still, with a little patience you can wait out the problem, and avoid any oral health complications…right? Unfortunately, unchecked bruxism can lead to real concerns. One issue is dental damage. Your jaw can clench with enough force to cause chips and cracks. Some patients do enough damage to require a dental crown for a broken tooth! You also run the risk of developing TMJ problems that make discomfort a regular part of your life, particularly when you try to operate your jaw. (more…)

Quiz: What You Can Expect From Your Cavity Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with your first cavity, you may have no idea what to expect from your upcoming treatment. What you should know is that the restorative care your dentist provides aims to remove decay, and ensure your tooth has the full support it needs. Thanks to esthetically pleasing materials like composite resin and porcelain, you can even avoid having a restoration that causes a notable change in your appearance. If you want to make sure you limit cavities – particularly severe cavities – see your dentist for regular checkups. (more…)