Making Cavity Treatment A Priority

making cavity treatment a priorityIf you have a persistent toothache, you should have your dentist treat it as soon as possible. By putting off a problem with a tooth, you may be letting a cavity worsen. Did you know that the infection from a cavity can actually spread beyond your tooth? Prompt cavity treatment can mean finding an easier remedy, and will leave you less vulnerable to unpleasant complications. One way to ensure you can have a cavity restored early is by maintaining regular dental appointments. Your dentist can perform routine inspections, and may even catch a cavity before you feel anything is wrong. (more…)

Reducing Your Cavity Risk

reducing your cavity riskCavities are a common dental issue, and an untreated cavity can turn into a big problem. Severe cavities commonly require a root canal treatment, and could leave your tooth so depleted that you need a dental crown to cover it. Regular checkups can help you receive treatment before a cavity reaches this point, but the best approach is to ensure that you have no cavities to begin with. Smart daily habits, and adjustments to your diet, can help keep your smile free of decay. (more…)

Seeing Your Dentist After A Dental Injury

seeing your dentist after a dental injuryA bruise on your arm can disappear after a short time, but what about discoloration in your tooth? In some cases, after physical trauma, your tooth will attempt to better protect itself by creating more dentin, a darker layer that sits under your tooth’s enamel. This can be difficult to address, as this type of discoloration is less responsive to cosmetic whitening agents. For this, or any other type of visible trauma, your dentist can help you regain an attractive, unblemished smile. For a more severe injury, you can also be treated for the health of your tooth. (more…)

Are You A Good Candidate For Porcelain Veneers?

are you a good candidate for porcelain veneersPorcelain veneers can cover multiple esthetic flaws on your teeth, and grant you a bright, attractive smile. However, porcelain veneers are a permanent addition to your teeth, and your dentist will have to ensure that you are free of any existing dental problems before placing them. You should also be aware of what steps you will need to take steps to protect your veneers from damage or discoloration after you have received them. Veneers are one of several cosmetic procedures that can make your smile more attractive. (more…)

The Connection Between Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

connection between gum disease and tooth lossDo your gums tend to bleed when you brush and floss your teeth? Have they begun to look swollen, or do they seem to be receding? These could be signs of gum disease. Gum disease can complicate your oral health by causing you to suffer chronic bad breath (halitosis), making your gums feel sensitive, or even by causing your gum line to recede. That recession robs your teeth of crucial support, and can cause them to become loose, or even to fall out. By preventing the progression of gum disease, you can lower your risk for suffering adult tooth loss. (more…)

The Dental Benefits From Drinking More Water

dental benfits from drinking more waterBy opting for water instead of a flavored beverage, you can help protect your teeth. Beverages that are higher in sugar, like soft drinks and juice, can increase your likelihood for developing a cavity. Many flavored beverages can weaken enamel due to their higher acidity, and darker liquids can cause your teeth to become discolored. The benefits of water go beyond its lack of detrimental effects on your oral health; many water sources naturally contain fluoride, which can strengthen your enamel. This can give your teeth additional defense against cavities. (more…)

Addressing Bruxism And TMJ Dysfunction

addressing bruxism and tmj dysfunctionIf you find yourself awakening to headaches, sensitive teeth, or pain in your jaw joints, you may suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is another name for routine teeth grinding or clenching. Sufferers typically grind their teeth unconsciously, and are more prone to grinding when they sleep. Over time, bruxism can cause considerable wear and tear to your teeth. It can also be related to issues with your TMJs (temporomandibular joints), which can make jaw movements uncomfortable. If you suspect you are dealing with bruxism or TMJ dysfunction, you should meet with your dentist to seek treatment before serious complications arise. (more…)

Do You Need A Bridge Or A Dental Implant?

robersonbridgeHave you recently lost one or possibly several teeth? If so, the changes to your appearance are obvious. However, what about the changes to your oral health? Losing even a single tooth can have a major impact on your overall oral health. To save your smile you need to have a missing tooth replaced as soon as possible. Do you need a dental bridge or a dental implant?


What Causes Toothaches?

robersontoothacheNearly all of us experience a toothache at some point in our lives. What causes toothaches? They are often indicators of something wrong with our smiles. Ignoring any sudden discomfort can be detrimental to your oral health. Fortunately, the dentist often has a solution to an aching tooth.


Treatments That Help Your Children Keep Their Teeth Healthy

treatments to help your kids keep their teeth healthyA routine visit with your dentist can give you peace of mind when it comes to the state of your oral health. Your teeth are given a thorough cleaning, and your dentist can inspect for the presence of cavities, or other health concerns. Routine checkups for children are especially important. Because children may not brush and floss as carefully as they should, they can be more vulnerable to cavities. When your child visits the dentist, they can receive fluoride treatments for their teeth, which strengthen their enamel, and can receive dental sealants, to guard against cavities. (more…)