4 Improvements You Can Thank Dental Implants For

Some of the benefits of dental implants are more obvious than others. However, until you experience the difference they make in supporting your replacement teeth, it can be difficult to truly appreciate their significant improvements over more traditional restorations. At our Independence, MO, dental office, we may recommend replacing your lost teeth or upgrading your current bridge or denture with the help of one or more dental implant posts. Their ability to replace your lost teeth roots can make them a much more realistic option for rebuilding your smile. (more…)

Let’s Treat Your Perio Troubles With Laser Dentistry

Periodontal disease impacts millions of people in the United States, and unless treated, this could mean a greater risk of tooth loss and other serious complications. In order to help address gum disease and protect the health and stability of smiles in Independence, MO, our team may use advanced laser dentistry. Learn more about how we employ advanced technology to treat gum disease.


Placing Your Crown And Bridge In One Visit

We can lose teeth to a number of factors, such as injury or periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease. In order to replace missing teeth and prevent further complications, your Independence, MO, dentist may suggest a crown and bridge. In our latest blog, we look at how we create and place them in as little as one visit. By replacing your missing teeth, we can help you enjoy whole and beautiful smiles!


Don’t Let Your Benefits Expire Before You Use Them

If you haven’t used your 2019 dental benefits, then time is running out. For people with dental insurance coverage, their benefits will expire at the end of 2019, and there will likely be a waiting time to use your 2020 ones. We recommend scheduling visits now, before the holiday season starts, so your Independence, MO, dentist can help you greet a new year with a much healthier smile!


Meeting Your Smile Goals With Porcelain Veneers

Do you have hopes and goals for your smile? If you have multiple issues with the shape and color of your teeth, then instead of relying on several procedures, we may transform and revitalize your smile with a single cosmetic restoration. In today’s blog, your Independence, MO, dentist discusses how we help our patients meet their smile goals with porcelain veneers.


Keeping Teeth Free of Cavities On Halloween

Halloween is a great time to enjoy a scary movie or two, or to accompany your children as they trick or treat. However, Halloween is also a holiday that encourages a lot of sugar consumption and leads to a greater risk of tooth decay in smiles of all ages. In order to ensure your family enjoys a smile-healthy Halloween, your Independence, MO, dentist has a few tips!


How Does Bonding And Contouring Refine Your Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry helps our Independence, MO, patients enjoy brighter smiles, and we can use these treatments to address a number of different esthetic issues. In today’s blog, your dentist will discuss how we use bonding and contouring to offer lifelike repairs in just one visit, addressing issues with discoloration, damage, and the shape of the tooth!