How Often Do You See Your Dentist?

If you keep up with the recommended frequency for dental checkups, you should see your dentist two times a year (not counting any addition trips for restorative or cosmetic work). When you stay on top of this routine, you can improve your defense against problems like tooth decay and gum disease, and receive early warning if something potentially troubling is observed. Of course, if you miss these visits, you leave yourself facing a greater risk for problems that will require restorative dental work. You also miss out on cleaning sessions that remove tartar from your teeth, and you can miss signs of a cavity until the problem becomes more serious.

Make Sure You Are Not Missing Out On Important Routine Care

Routine care through your regular dental cleaning helps you avoid cavities, and protects you against the threat of gum disease. One reason these sessions make such a difference is that your hygienist is removing tartar. Tartar, a substance that forms over time when plaque has time to harden, will resist your at-home care efforts.

Making Treatment Plans When Your Dentist Finds A Dental Problem

Your dentist can find a cavity before the symptoms begin to nag at you. When a problem is found at an earlier stage, you can receive help and protect more of your natural tooth structure. This can mean the difference between needing a dental filling after a cavity, and needing a dental crown. Your dentist can also alert you to signs that you have a periodontal infection. If you fail to properly care for your gums, you run the risk of developing periodontitis, which can sharply increase your risk for tooth loss.

Is It Time To See Your Dentist? Reach Out To Dr. Roberson!

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