How Does A Dental Bridge Address Tooth Loss?

Having a gap in your smile due to tooth loss can mean embarrassment, as well as a host of oral health issues. In order to address minor tooth loss, we may suggest a lifelike and dependable dental prosthetic. How does a dental bridge address tooth loss?

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bridges

Question: How does tooth loss impact my oral health?

Answer: When you have a gap in your smile, then the surrounding teeth can drift from position, leading to misalignment. An uneven smile subsequently increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. The pressure on the jaw joints due to tooth loss also makes the risk of TMJ disorder and bruxism more likely. Later on, the gaps in your smile can also impact your ability to eat and speak clearly.

Question: How do we create and place a dental bridge?

Answer: We first need to prepare the teeth on either side of the gap, removing a small amount of tooth structure. We then take detailed impressions, which will be used to create a bridge in a dental lab. The prosthetic will consist of the new teeth, along with crowns attached to either end. We place the crowns on the prepared teeth, anchoring the new ones in place. We can replace between one and three missing teeth in a row.

Question: Can you create them in a single visit?

Answer: For qualifying patients, we can use CAD/CAM technology to create and place a custom-made bridge in a single visit. We take digital impressions of the prepare teeth, using them to create a 3D model of the prosthetic that will milled by a special machine. We then place the completed dental bridge, all in one visit.

Do You Have Questions About Dental Bridges?

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