Have You Ever Heard Of Tori?

Our team is ready to handle a number of oral health problems, from cavities to gum disease and even missing teeth. However, there is a rare oral health issue known as mandibular tori that sometimes requires treatment. How do you address this issue?

Try Our Quiz on Tori

  1. True or False: The issue can lead to problems eating.
  2. True or False: We can remove the growths.
  3. True or False: Patients should see us when they notice them.
  4. True or False: The issue isn’t necessarily harmful to your oral health.

Answer Key

  1. True. Tori are growths that appear on either side of the midline of the palate in your upper and lower jaw. They can sometimes form on the cheek facing side as well. These bony growths can occasionally make eating difficult, often leading to discomfort when consuming rougher foods like chips, bread, or pizza. In addition, they can also impact the way oral appliances or orthodontics fit.
  2. True. Should the growths become an impediment to your ability to eat or undergo dental treatment, they need to be removed. We can work with an oral surgeon to undergo this process and provide a safe and comfortable extraction process.
  3. True. While most cases are very minor and slow growing, you should still see us for an examine. Unexplained growths and sores that don’t heal are also common indicators of oral cancer. A screening can tell us if you need to seek treatment for oral cancer, or if you simply have mandibular tori.
  4. True. In most cases, the issue is minor and has no real impact on your oral health or daily habits. Unless they grow to a size that causes you issues, we often don’t need to remove them as they don’t often have a negative impact on your oral health.

Do You Have Questions About Tori?

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