Emergency Dentistry in Independence, Missouri

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Accidents rarely happen during opportune moments. If you find yourself in severe discomfort or experience an oral trauma, we invite you to take advantage of our emergency dentistry, so you can quickly return to oral health and comfort.

What To Expect From Emergency Dentistry

If you suffer a dental emergency, we offer same day appointments and after hours appointments to ensure you can quickly see our dentist and team to resolve your concern. In addition, Dr. Roberson is on-staff at Centerpoint for hospital dentistry needs. However, if your emergency is life-threatening or you experience bleeding that does not stop, contact 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.

The Advantages Of Emergency Dentistry

No patient plans to require sudden dental care. Your emergency dentist, Dr. Roberson, understands that sudden discomfort can cause you to panic and that some cases require immediate care to protect your oral health. Consider the following advantages of choosing a dentist who offers emergency dentistry:

  • We can quickly resolve tooth pain
  • You will not have to wait several days or weeks to be seen by your dentist if you require immediate care
  • If you suffer a broken or damaged tooth, we can quickly address your concern, greatly improving your chances of saving your tooth

Tips For Your Dental Emergency

We understand that experience discomfort or a sudden injury may cause you to feel nervous or scared. By scheduling an emergency appointment, you will already find yourself well on your way toward feeling better. However, as you prepare to visit us, we suggest you consider the following suggestions for your most successful emergency visit:

  • Take a deep breath and remain calm.
  • If you break a tooth, try to collect the pieces. Protect them in a sealed container or plastic bag and bring them with you.
  • If you dislodge a tooth, carefully rinse it under lukewarm water. Do not remove attached tissue. Try to place the tooth back in the empty socket without exerting any force. If the tooth does not slip back into place, preserve the tooth in a container filled with milk or salt water. Bring the container with you to your visit.
  • If you suffer extreme discomfort, place an ice pack on your face to ease swelling and pain.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication to address swelling or severe discomfort.
  • If you experience bleeding, place pressure on the affected area with the use of clean fabric, such as cotton gauze, until it subsides.
  • Ask a friend to drive you to our office if you cannot concentrate on driving.

Remember, we’re happy to address any questions you may have about treatments, addressing emergency situations, and even dental insurance. Simply cal our office at 816-350-0808.

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