Dental Fillings in Independence, Missouri

Saying Farewell To Cavities

When Dr. Roberson diagnoses you with a cavity, your best solution is to schedule a visit for a filling right away. This surprisingly simple, effective process offers beautiful results and restored oral health.

What To Expect From A Dental Filling

When you suffer from a cavity, you can restore your oral health and comfort by visiting Dr. Roberson and our friendly team for a dental filling. During a filling, we will numb your tooth and surrounding tissues. Dr. Roberson will clean out the decayed tooth tissue and bacteria from within your tooth. He will polish the inside of the opening, which he will then fill with one of the following beautiful materials:

  • Composite: This synthetic resin filling is the material typically used for “white” or “tooth-colored” fillings. We will color match the composite to the color of your surrounding tooth for a natural finish.
  • Glass Ionomer: Made of silicate glass powder, this filling is typically used in visible front teeth that do not experience as much pressure as back teeth. This material is also color-matched to the surrounding tooth, and as a smart filling, can be rechared with fluoride for additional cavity protection.
  • Bioactive: Bioactive cement fillings help stimulate the restoration of damaged tooth structure as well as protect teeth against decay. Bioactive fillings are most appropriate for patients who have a slow rate of decay in their tooth.
  • Hydroxyapatite: This advanced material has recently become more popular as a filling and tooth decay treatment. It helps boost the health of your tooth by restoring some of the vital minteral structures that make up the bulk of your tooth structure.
  • Ceramir: Ceramir is a revolutionary material that can be used as a filling, a root canal sealer, and a supportive base for other restoraitons. It is a type of bioactive filling that is activated with a small, handheld ultrasonic device.

The Advantages Of Dental Fillings

Choosing tooth-colored dental fillings will allow you to recover from tooth decay without a visible trace of ever having suffered from a cavity. Look over the additional following advantages of choosing a composite or ionomer filling with our team at Scott A. Roberson, DDS, FAGD:

  • Our fillings are practically invisible, so your smile’s appearance does not change
  • Composite and glass ionomer both bond directly to tooth tissue – this promotes exceptional stability
  • Compared to metal fillings, which enlarge and contract, our fillings do not place your tooth in danger of fractures
  • Our tooth-colored fillings will not cause temperature-related sensitivity like metal fillings
  • Our fillings are safe for both pregnant women and individuals allergic to metals

Your Dental Needs

If you suffer from a cavity but hope to avoid a dark, unsightly filling, our fillings offer you a wonderful solution. Because Dr. Roberson uses filling material that blends with the surrounding tooth tissue, rather than metal, you can expect a beautiful finished product. In addition, if you have any questions about dental insurance or other payment options, please call our office at 816-350-0808.

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