Count On Cavity Care That Preserves Your Appearance

If you have a cavity, your restorative dental treatment does not have to leave you self-conscious about how your tooth looks after undergoing work. Your dentist can supply both life-like dental fillings and dental crowns, so that your smile maintains its quality. Composite resin fillings bond to your tooth, and can match the tint of your surrounding enamel, making them an inconspicuous presence. Crowns, inlays, and onlays can offer lasting protection without drawing attention by their presence. It is important to note that if you need restorative dental care, putting off your dental visit can leave more time for a cavity to worsen, and do continued damage to your tooth.

The Right Restoration For Your Tooth After A Cavity

The right restoration for your cavity will be the one that allows it to retain its strength and durability, and best protects you against future issues. Many patients need a dental filling after their cavity is removed, but you may require a crown if your cavity is more severe.

Better Preventive Care Can Mean Fewer Cavities In The Future

Having access to appearance-friendly restorative work is great, but ideally, you will avoid cavities and not need this kind of treatment to begin with. Keeping up with routine dental checkups will help you stay better informed about your oral health, while also giving your dentist a chance to spot problems, and offer treatment relatively early in the development of something like tooth decay. Keep in mind that cavities do lasting damage to our teeth – your restoration can offer protection, but there is no way to truly reverse the harm you suffer.

Count On Expert Cavity Care From Independence Family And Cosmetic Dentistry

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