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Restoring Decayed Teeth With Dental Fillings

When a cavity forms, treatment will be required, otherwise a minor oral health issue could lead to serious infections and in some cases, the risk of tooth loss. To help Independence, MO, patients with decayed teeth, we often place a natural looking and metal-free dental filling. In one visit, we can restore the health and… Read more »

The Benefits Of Same Day Dental Crowns

Did you know we help patients in Independence, MO, enjoy better oral health in as little as one visit? With our same-day dental crowns, we offer a lifelike restoration to address everything from damaged to missing teeth! Find out how we create these lifelike restorations in one visit and when we prescribe them for our… Read more »

We Place Implant-Secured Dentures

Our previous blog touched on implant dentistry, briefly mentioning how we address advanced tooth loss. In today’s blog, we’re going to look a little closer at addressing advanced tooth loss with implant-secured full and partial dentures. With these fixed and lifelike prosthetics, we offer our Independence, MO, patients a brand-new smile.

What Makes Dental Implants Look Natural?

We know the appearance of your smile is important, which is why when patients come to us with missing or loose teeth, we choose replacement options that look natural. With dental implants, we offer residents of Independence, MO, a long-lasting and unique option for addressing one or more missing teeth. What makes dental implants look… Read more »

Ouch! How Do I Stop Grinding My Teeth?

Do you grind your teeth? People that grind their teeth regularly suffer from a disorder known as bruxism. Without treatment, this could lead to serious damage and major complications for your oral health. What can our Independence, MO, patients do to stop grinding their teeth and safeguard their smiles?

3 Possible Solutions To Advanced Tooth Loss

Losing several teeth impacts everything from your ability to eat, to how well you can communicate and even your facial structure. In order to replace lost teeth for our patients in Independence, MO, we may suggest dentures. In today’s blog, we’re looking at three different options for addressing tooth loss.

How Do Dental Extractions Offer Relief?

What happens when our Independence, MO, patients develop discomfort due to a severely damaged tooth, or because wisdom teeth have recently erupted? Often, relief comes in the form of a comfortable dental extraction. How do dental extractions offer a solution to these common oral health issues?

Don’t Let Infection Ruin Your Holiday!

Does your tooth hurt? If you have consistent pain, as well as swelling or aches when eating, then you may have a serious cavity or a dental infection. Don’t let an infected tooth ruin your holiday, talk to your Independence, MO, dentist about root canal therapy!

Can You Create A Bridge In One Visit?

If you have missing teeth, then you need to talk to your Independence, MO, dentist. Otherwise, a missing tooth could harm your smile’s health and appearance. Did you know our team can often create and place a custom bridge to address tooth loss in just one visit?

What Are My Filling Options?

When a cavity forms, you need treatment to protect your smile and avoid infection. In order to treat smiles in independence, MO, with cavities, we may suggest a filling. Let’s look at the different options available for placing fillings and safeguarding smiles of all ages!