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Fighting Gum Disease With Laser Technology

When we develop gum disease, this not only leads to uncomfortable symptoms, but over time could increases the risk of tooth loss. In order to remove diseased tissue and return smiles to a healthier state, then your Independence, MO, dentist will use laser technology. In today’s blog, let’s look at how we help improve smile… Read more »

Laser Therapy Can Help You Have Healthier Gums

Gum disease affects more than 80 percent of Americans. However, only 60 percent realize they suffer from it, and for those who do realize they have it, only about 3 percent will seek treatment. If left untreated, though, gum disease can lead to gum loss, bone deterioration, and the loss of teeth. However, your Independence,… Read more »

Treating Gum Disease With Laser Dentistry

When people develop gum disease, they need to have the issue regularly monitored and treated, otherwise the risk of adult tooth loss could increase. To help our Independence, MO, patients with periodontal disease enjoy a full and comfortable smile, we may recommend advanced laser technology. What benefits will the LANAP system offer, and when should… Read more »

The Surprising – And Worrying – Effects Of Gum Disease

While many people understand that gum disease is a real problem, they can fail to appreciate the nature of the threat posed to their periodontal tissue. If you want to make sure you keep your smile fully intact well into your golden years, you should know that the leading cause of adult tooth loss concerns… Read more »

Counting On Expert Care To Address Periodontal Issues

If you fail to address issues with your periodontal health, you can find yourself experiencing lasting oral health difficulties. While many people can worry about preserving their smile into their later years, they may not realize that tooth loss and gum disease have a link. In fact, the leading cause of tooth loss for adults… Read more »

Seeing Symptoms Of Gum Disease? What To Do Next

You may notice something seems amiss with your smile when you check your teeth. When you check out your gum tissue, you may notice swelling, or reddened tissue. You may become alarmed if your gums have started to bleed after brushing and flossing. These are all signs of poor periodontal health. Over time, you can… Read more »

Periodontal Care Offers Long-Term Value For Your Smile

Taking care of your gums, and taking action when you feel something might be wrong, can help you prevent tooth loss in your later years. So why would your gums have an influence over your risk for tooth loss? The main reason adults lose teeth when they are older is because gum disease was allowed… Read more »

Staying On Top Of Your Periodontal Health Needs

A cavity-free smile may not be in perfect health. When your dentist takes your full oral health into account, they are also investigating the condition of your gum tissue. The effect gum disease can have on your smile might shock you. Are you aware of the link periodontal problems can have to tooth loss? If… Read more »

Advanced Care For Periodontal Issues

If you are inattentive to your oral health needs, and allow gum disease to go without treatment, you can face a real risk for tooth loss as you age. While gingivitis can be treated and reversed, periodontitis – a more severe form of gum disease that can develop over time – is more difficult to… Read more »

Be On The Lookout For Signs Of Gum Disease

Should you be worried about your gums? Do you know what to look for when you inspect them for signs of gum disease? Your periodontal health can play a significant part in your overall oral health. When problems are left without care, you can start to experience damage to the tissues supporting your teeth. That… Read more »