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Addressing Concerns Kids May Have About Dental Visits

Your child may have questions or concerns about their first trip to the dentist’s office. To make this initial appointment easier, your dentist will focus on making sure the visit is as comfortable as possible, and that your kid is at ease in the dentist’s chair. Starting dental appointments at an early age offers many… Read more »

Quiz: Your Daily Dental Care Responsibilities

Your teeth live with cavity risks every day, and you should recognize that oral care is a daily responsibility. If you are serious about stopping cavities from forming, pay attention to how you clean your teeth, and what you eat and drink through the day. Brushing at least twice a day and keeping your sugar intake modest… Read more »

Keeping Your Kids Cavity-Free

A parent’s natural instinct is to protect their child from harm. You can help keep them safe from dental problems by taking your kids to the dentist for regular checkups, and helping them learn good oral health habits. Seeing your dentist regularly will help instill a sense that keeping teeth clean and healthy is important…. Read more »

The Effect Soft Drinks Can Have On Your Oral Health

It can be easy to understand why something like forgetting to brush your teeth can have a negative impact on your oral health. It should be apparent that not attending regular dental checkups leaves your teeth with less support. What you might not realize is there are other choices that you make that have a… Read more »

Can Teeth Grinding Cause Dental Damage?

What’s the worst that can happen when you grind your teeth? Unfortunately, “the worst” can include real dental damage, and even tooth loss. Your jaws are capable of generating serious force, and the stress your upper and lower rows of teeth place on each other can be severe. One way your dentist can actually identify… Read more »

Being Mindful Of A Child’s Dental Needs

Just like you, your child’s teeth need effective care if you want to protect them from dental problems. Regular checkups and cleanings are important, but children especially can benefit from extra instruction and care, as they are still learning about the value of oral health. Children’s dental services are intended to prepare children for a… Read more »

3 Ways To Reduce Your Cavity Risk

What are the odds that your dentist will find a cavity during your next routine dental visit? The answer will depend on your relative cavity risk. Your resistance to cavities can depend on many factors. Some of your risk is genetic – your enamel may be naturally softer or harder. Other factors are more manageable,… Read more »

How Often Does Your Child See The Dentist?

Even at a young age, your child should typically be brought in for a dental visit twice annually. During these visits, your dentist will go out of their way to ensure that your child feels comfortable, while making sure their teeth are properly taken care of. Children’s teeth are not biologically different from the teeth… Read more »

Reducing Your Cavity Risk

Cavities are a common dental issue, and an untreated cavity can turn into a big problem. Severe cavities commonly require a root canal treatment, and could leave your tooth so depleted that you need a dental crown to cover it. Regular checkups can help you receive treatment before a cavity reaches this point, but the… Read more »