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Why Should You Consider Receiving Dental Implants?

If you are looking to address tooth loss with some form of dental prosthetic, why should you consider using a dental implant for support? Many patients appreciate dental implants because they make it possible to enjoy better support for restorations. Once placed, they can keep life-like, durable prosthetics stable, and you can have an easier… Read more »

Taking Care Of Tooth Loss With A Dental Implant

The placement of a dental implant can lead to a stable, permanent answer to tooth loss. A dental implant holds your prosthetic restoration in place, linking it to your jawbone the way a tooth root connects a tooth to your jaw. The stability this provides allows you to feel more comfortable when you bite and… Read more »

Dental Implants Offer Significant Prosthetic Support

When you need a dental prosthetic, you can ensure top notch support when you have a dental implant placed to support your restoration. One reason people enjoy having the stability from an implant is that their prosthetic can have more functional value. Simply put, if you can depend on your replacement tooth to stay in… Read more »

How Should Your Lost Tooth Be Replaced?

Your dentist is more than capable of telling you why your lost tooth should be replaced. There are adverse effects on your jaw functions, which can impede how you normally eat, chew, and speak. These changes can be harmful enough to lead to uncomfortable TMJ problems. You could also suffer a loss of bone tissue… Read more »

Tips For Replacing Lost Teeth

Whether you are missing one tooth, or several, tooth loss can be a real problem for your oral health. Tooth loss can disrupt your typical eating and chewing movements, and that disruption can lead to TMJ issues. You are also more at risk for further loss, as your neighboring teeth have less support. There are… Read more »