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Helping Your Children Prevent Tooth Decay

With the holiday season comes plenty of sugary sweets, which could lead to cavities in little smiles. Fortunately, your Independence, MO, dentist can help protect kids from cavities with two very unique and convenient preventive treatment options. Learn more about fluoride treatments and dental sealants in today’s blog!

Keeping Teeth Free of Cavities On Halloween

Halloween is a great time to enjoy a scary movie or two, or to accompany your children as they trick or treat. However, Halloween is also a holiday that encourages a lot of sugar consumption and leads to a greater risk of tooth decay in smiles of all ages. In order to ensure your family… Read more »

Schedule Your Child’s Back-To-School Visit

Do you have little ones returning to school? If so, why not schedule a back-to-school visit before their schedules become filled with classes and extracurricular activities? A routine visit can ensure children in Independence, MO, enjoy healthier smiles before they start their classes. What happens during a kid’s checkup and cleaning visit?

We Can Get Your Kid’s Smile Ready For School!

Across the country, families are getting ready for their kids to return to school. In addition to picking up school supplies and new clothes, don’t forget about your little one’s smile! Before the school year starts and finding time to see us becomes more difficult, why not schedule a back to school visit?

How We Help Children Successfully Prevent Cavities

Children’s dentistry is focused specifically on the needs of younger patients, but many of the premises are the same as general dental care for adults. For instance, prevention is the most important aspect of routine care, and much like adults, the most common concern to prevent is the formation of cavities. As the product of… Read more »