Can Dental Implants Offer Fixed Dentures?

Partial dentures rely on metal clasps to stay in place, and a full set of dentures need suction and possibly an adhesive to stay remain secure. But what if we could offer a much more stable option? What if your Independence, MO, dentist could secure dentures with a series of dental implants? Learn more about these lifelike and secure tooth replacement options in today’s blog.

The Dental Implant Difference

Typically, removable full and partial dentures last about 5 to 10 years before they need to be replaced. This is because due to the body suspending the flow of nutrients to areas lacking tooth roots, and the pressure of the removable prosthetics, the jaw ridge will change shape. As it does, the prosthetic needs to be replaced. However, dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium, which means the body accepts them as natural tooth roots. Once in place, this stimulates the growth of jawbone tissue to preserve the jawbone ridge’s shape, allowing your prosthetic to fit comfortably for many years to come, possibly even a lifetime.

Creating Your Dentures and Inserting Your New Roots

To create your new smile, we need to take detailed impressions of your smile. Using the images, impressions, and measurements we’ve taken, our team then designs them from lifelike materials. The base will be made from acrylic, which is designed to look like gum tissue. The teeth will be crafted from strong and durable materials, such as ceramic, which can absorb bite forces and offer a lifelike appearance. We then insert several dental implants into the jawbone. Once the placement area heals, we attach the prosthetic. You then enjoy a prosthetic that never slips when you eat or drink, and doesn’t need to be removed for soaking or cleaning. You can smile with confidence and enjoy all of your favorite foods again!

Daily Care

You will need to care for them as you would natural teeth, which removes brushing and flossing to remove bits of foods that could feed bacteria and allow them to flourish, increasing the risk of gum disease and other complications that could threaten your new smile. You also need to see us regularly for exams and cleanings so we can monitor your smile as a whole and ensure you enjoy optimal oral health. If you have any questions, then please contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Missing Tooth Replacement?

If you have lost several of your natural teeth, then you may benefit from a denture. To learn more about our dental prosthetics, then schedule a consultation by contacting Independence Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Independence, MO, today at 816-350-0808. We also proudly serve patients who live in Independence, Lee’s Summit, and all surrounding communities.