Advanced Care For Periodontal Issues

advanced care for periodontal issuesIf you are inattentive to your oral health needs, and allow gum disease to go without treatment, you can face a real risk for tooth loss as you age. While gingivitis can be treated and reversed, periodontitis – a more severe form of gum disease that can develop over time – is more difficult to manage, and more destructive. If you exhibit signs of poor gum health, your dentist can offer modern periodontal care through LANAP. This laser-based care allows your dentist to trim unhealthy gum tissue with remarkable precision. The lasers also encourage faster recovery from your gum tissue.

What Happens If Gum Disease Goes Without Treatment?

Having gum disease addressed through LANAP can spare you from the development of periodontitis. When you let your gum disease go unchecked, your condition can worsen. Advanced gum disease will attack, and destroy, the bone and soft tissue supporting your teeth. When this destruction is allowed to take place, you may have to have teeth extracted.

How Modern Technology Can Change Your Dental Experience

Advanced technology in the dental field can enable your dentist to provide you with an impressive degree of care. Intraoral cameras can provide a means of comfortably and carefully examining the inside of your mouth, even areas that are normally difficult to see. Digital x-rays also provide impressive images. Composite resin fillings and porcelain dental crowns can ensure you have discreet care when you need a cavity treatment. Of course, these advancements are not always limited to what happens in your mouth. Your dentist’s office relies on solar and geothermal energy to run their office in an environmentally friendly manner.