4 Improvements You Can Thank Dental Implants For

Some of the benefits of dental implants are more obvious than others. However, until you experience the difference they make in supporting your replacement teeth, it can be difficult to truly appreciate their significant improvements over more traditional restorations. At our Independence, MO, dental office, we may recommend replacing your lost teeth or upgrading your current bridge or denture with the help of one or more dental implant posts. Their ability to replace your lost teeth roots can make them a much more realistic option for rebuilding your smile.

1. Your restoration is more stable

Dental implant posts are designed to anchor your custom restoration to your dental ridge by mimicking the structures of your healthy, natural teeth roots. Each post is placed within your jawbone according to highly precise planning, and their strategic placement enables them to effectively absorb your bite’s pressure. Similar to teeth roots, the implant posts secure your dental restoration in place in a highly stable manner that prevents it from shifting or moving over time.

2. Your new teeth feel more comfortable

Mimicking teeth roots is the key to the stability that dental implants provide as well as the enhanced comfort you can enjoy when wearing your restoration. For example, a traditional bridge requires the placement of one or a pair of dental crowns on your healthy, natural teeth for support (known as abutment teeth). Partial dentures rely on hidden clasps to remain stable, while full dentures utilize the natural curve of your dental ridge and, in some cases, dental adhesive. Implant don’t rely on such support systems, making your restoration look and feel much more lifelike.

3. Your jawbone stays healthier

While stabilizing your replacement teeth, dental implants absorb the pressure every time you bite and chew your food. This pressure stimulates the implant posts the same way it stimulates your teeth roots, which is a fundamental need for your body to send your jawbone an ample supply of nutrients. Only dental implants can reestablish this stimulation once a tooth root is lost, which means they’re the only solution for keeping your jawbone healthy and strong after experiencing tooth loss.

4. Your daily routines stay simple

Without additional things like dental crowns and hidden clasps to contend with, caring for a dental implant restoration is often simpler, as well. Brushing and flossing your teeth, for example, can be accomplished without having to work around the clasps, and your healthy, remaining teeth won’t be turned into abutment teeth for your restoration.

Improve your restoration with dental implants

There are many different ways in which dental implants can improve the comfort and quality of your replacement teeth. To schedule your appointment at Independence Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Independence, MO, call 816-350-0808 today.