Be On The Lookout For Signs Of Gum Disease

be-on-the-lookout-for-signs-of-gum-diseaseShould you be worried about your gums? Do you know what to look for when you inspect them for signs of gum disease? Your periodontal health can play a significant part in your overall oral health. When problems are left without care, you can start to experience damage to the tissues supporting your teeth. That can ultimately lead to tooth loss – in fact, advanced gum disease is the primary cause of adult tooth loss. If you believe your gums look swollen, or if you think they look unusually red, you could have gum disease. This condition can also cause your gum line to recede, or make you more prone to bleeding when you brush and floss. (more…)

A Filling Can Take Care Of A Tooth After A Cavity

a-filling-can-take-care-of-a-tooth-after-a-cavityThere is no way around it – a cavity on your tooth has to be removed. After this happens, you are left with the problem of restoring your lost dental material. After excising the decaying portion of your tooth, your dentist can provide you with a dental filling. This restorative dental work will see your tooth effectively whole again. The material used, composite resin, has cosmetic and functional benefits. The material is able to bond to your tooth directly, and it has the look of your enamel. Your dentist can ensure that it blends in well enough with your tooth to avoid detection by people when you smile. (more…)

Keeping Your Kids Cavity-Free

keeping-your-kids-cavity-freeA parent’s natural instinct is to protect their child from harm. You can help keep them safe from dental problems by taking your kids to the dentist for regular checkups, and helping them learn good oral health habits. Seeing your dentist regularly will help instill a sense that keeping teeth clean and healthy is important. Your dentist can also help by instructing them on how to do their best job caring for their teeth. If your child does suffer a cavity, your dentist can safely remove the infection, and restore their tooth. It is important to note that even if the cavity is on a baby tooth, it still needs to be addressed. (more…)

Making Sure Your Porcelain Veneers Fit Your Needs

making-sure-your-porcelain-veneers-fit-your-needsWhat do you want from your smile? Do you wish your teeth were whiter? Are you bothered by flaws in certain teeth? You can take care of these problems with a single cosmetic dental procedure. A set of porcelain veneers can hide flaws, while also making your smile whiter than before. The porcelain substance is able to make improvements that appear natural, so your teeth will not look artificially enhanced. This material also resists stains (though you will still need to be cautious, to avoid discoloring them). Your dentist will also prepare your teeth, so that the veneers do not protrude in an unnatural fashion. (more…)

The Effect Soft Drinks Can Have On Your Oral Health

the-effect-soft-drinks-can-have-on-your-oral-healthIt can be easy to understand why something like forgetting to brush your teeth can have a negative impact on your oral health. It should be apparent that not attending regular dental checkups leaves your teeth with less support. What you might not realize is there are other choices that you make that have a real effect on issues like tooth decay, and how your teeth look. Drinking too many soft drinks can be harmful to your enamel, due to the high sugar content. If you expose your teeth to too much sugar, you face the real prospect of a cavity. There is another problem with these beverages – acidity. Did you know that acidic items, like soft drinks, can soften your enamel? This can make them struggle to defend against cavities, while also making it easier for them to take on stains. (more…)

How Should Your Lost Tooth Be Replaced?

how-should-your-lost-tooth-be-replacedYour dentist is more than capable of telling you why your lost tooth should be replaced. There are adverse effects on your jaw functions, which can impede how you normally eat, chew, and speak. These changes can be harmful enough to lead to uncomfortable TMJ problems. You could also suffer a loss of bone tissue in your jaw over time. If you are dissatisfied with your looks after tooth loss, that can certainly be another reason why you want to restore your smile by replacing a lost tooth. So you know why, but you may not know how you should go about replacing a missing tooth. Your dentist can offer multiple solutions. (more…)

What’s Affecting Your Relative Cavity Risk?

whats-affecting-your-cavity-riskDo cavities seem to be an unfairly frequent occurrence for you? Does it seem like you can barely go more than one dental checkup without having decay found? Different factors can affect your cavity risk. The obvious issues can revolve around your cleaning habits. If you are infrequent or uncaring with how you brush and floss, your teeth are losing out on protection they need. There are also genetic risks, and medical issues like dry mouth can play a part in your vulnerability. If cavities are a concern, you should talk to your dentist about what to prevent tooth decay. If you have enjoyed a relatively cavity-free life, a better grasp of oral care can help you keep your teeth safe. (more…)

Dental Emergency? Reach Out To Your Dentist

dental emergency talk to your dentistThere is no single type of dental emergency. Physical trauma can certainly leave you with some urgent dental needs. You could also find yourself overwhelmed by a persistent toothache, or dealing with a problem with a filling, or a dental crown. If something happens to disrupt your dental health, you can reach out to your dentist for emergency treatment. Your dentist will strive to see you as soon as possible, which includes the option of a same-day appointment. What will come out of your emergency dental visit? The work itself can depend on the problem, but your dentist’s ultimate goal is to have you leave their office with a fully restored smile. (more…)

Quiz: Changing Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

quiz changing your smile with cosmetic dentistryYour oral health is the first thing your dentist is concerned with. They can help you prevent problems like tooth decay, and step in to help if a cavity does form. What they can also do is help you with how you feel about your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is aimed squarely at fixing problems with how your teeth look. If you have a tooth that does not seem to fit in with the rest of your smile, or noticeable discoloration, you can talk to your dentist about it. You could be merely a procedure away from having the smile you most desire. (more…)

Flossing Helps Protect Hard To Reach Areas Of Your Teeth

flossing helps protect hard to reach areas of your teethAre you making sure to see your dentist at least twice annually for checkups? Do you take the time to brush your teeth at least twice a day? These are important steps to take when you want to prevent cavities, but there is more that you can do. One way to better protect yourself is to be mindful of your diet, and keep away from sugary items as much as you can. Another important weapon in the fight against tooth decay is dental floss. When you floss properly (moving up and down, to completely address the spaces between teeth), you protect spaces where your toothbrush will struggle to reach. That added attention to your teeth can help you avoid suffering cavities in hard to reach areas. (more…)