Dental Implants Offer Significant Prosthetic Support

dental-implants-offer-significant-prosthetic-supportWhen you need a dental prosthetic, you can ensure top notch support when you have a dental implant placed to support your restoration. One reason people enjoy having the stability from an implant is that their prosthetic can have more functional value. Simply put, if you can depend on your replacement tooth to stay in place when you bite and chew food, you can feel free to function like normal again. Implants also offer important support for your jawbone. When you do not receive these supporting posts after tooth loss, you can suffer jawbone resorption. (more…)

Stopping Jaw Pain With TMJ Therapy

stopping-jaw-pain-with-tmj-therapyYou could develop jaw problems over time due of stress. It can also happen suddenly, after an injury disrupts the alignment of your jaw joints. Regardless of the cause, TMJ issues can be a real drain on your quality of life. Something as simple as biting and chewing food can become difficult, as it can be painful, or even difficult, just to move your jaw. Unfortunately, problems with your jaw can spread the discomfort – you could feel pain in your face and neck, and even suffer from regular headaches. Talk to your dentist about a solution for TMJ problems. (more…)

3 Choices You Can Make To Improve Your Cavity Defense

3-choices-you-can-make-to-improve-your-cavity-defenseWould you ever expect to find someone who was happy to learn that they had a cavity? Tooth decay can be a nuisance, as it requires us to take time out of our schedule for restorative dental work. If you leave the problem unaddressed, you could also experience real discomfort, and find yourself in need of a root canal treatment. One reason to commit to seeing your dentist for regular checkups is that you can reduce your risk for cavities. At each visit, you receive preventive care thanks to the advanced cleaning from your hygienist. You also have a careful examination from your dentist, who can keep you apprised of the condition of your teeth. (more…)

Cosmetic Gains From Tooth Bonding And Contouring

cosmetic-gains-from-tooth-bonding-and-contouringYou may be closer to your best smile than you currently realize. Through cosmetic dentistry, you can have important improvements made to problem teeth, and the work you undergo can be completed in less time than you anticipate. If you want to have dental flaws remedied, you may be interested in tooth bonding and contouring. During these procedures, your dentist will make subtle but important changes to the look of your tooth. Once the work is concluded, your smile can enjoy improvements that appear natural. For many patients, this work can be finished in the course of a single visit, though if you are interested in having several teeth treated, a follow-up visit might be required. (more…)

What Happens After A Cavity Is Removed From Your Tooth?

what-happens-after-a-cavity-is-removed-from-your-toothIn order to put a stop to active tooth decay, your dentist will have to completely remove a cavity from your tooth. Unfortunately, you cannot simply wait for that lost portion to be replaced – the damage a cavity deals is irreversible. To restore your tooth, your dentist can use a dental crown, or a filling. If the cavity was caught and removed at an earlier stage, your dentist may be able to replace the lost material with a dental filling made from composite resin. However, a cavity that is larger will cause more damage than a filling can restore, meaning you will need a dental crown. (more…)

Important Help After A Dental Emergency

important-help-after-a-dental-emergencyWhat happens to you in the wake of a dental emergency? Your dentist will strive to make themselves available to you as soon as possible for treatment. This matters, because you may need urgent care after an accident. For instance, a tooth that was knocked out will only be salvageable for a relatively short time. Even if you are not rushing to replace a lost tooth, an emergency can be highly uncomfortable. Your dentist will do the necessary work to make sure you are in good shape after an accident. Modern dental materials can also help ensure you conclude emergency treatment with your smile still in good condition. (more…)

Quiz: Professional Treatments That Provide Whiter Teeth

quiz-professional-treatments-for-whiter-teethProfessional dental care through a cosmetic dental treatment can provide you with whiter teeth, something many patients are eager to receive. Discoloration due to enamel stains is often the cause of a person’s yellowed or dull teeth, but there are other issues that can create problems. Some individuals will have their smiles affected by fluorosis, or see a tooth’s color dull after an injury. Discoloration can also come as a consequence of taking certain medications. While a professional whitening treatment can help many patients, some will need an alternative solution. (more…)

Root Canal Therapy Can Stop An Advanced Cavity

root-canal-therapy-can-stop-an-advanced-cavityOver time, a cavity can work its way through your tooth. In fact, untreated tooth decay can kill your tooth, and the spread of decay can continue to cause more oral health problems. In some cases, a patient will need to undergo a root canal treatment to fix a cavity. This process involves your dentist removing infected material in the center of your tooth. Once this takes place, a dental crown can protect the tooth. You may not be excited at the idea of a root canal, but you should understand that ignoring your need for the treatment can put your tooth – and your oral health – in jeopardy. (more…)

Be On The Lookout For Signs Of Gum Disease

be-on-the-lookout-for-signs-of-gum-diseaseShould you be worried about your gums? Do you know what to look for when you inspect them for signs of gum disease? Your periodontal health can play a significant part in your overall oral health. When problems are left without care, you can start to experience damage to the tissues supporting your teeth. That can ultimately lead to tooth loss – in fact, advanced gum disease is the primary cause of adult tooth loss. If you believe your gums look swollen, or if you think they look unusually red, you could have gum disease. This condition can also cause your gum line to recede, or make you more prone to bleeding when you brush and floss. (more…)

A Filling Can Take Care Of A Tooth After A Cavity

a-filling-can-take-care-of-a-tooth-after-a-cavityThere is no way around it – a cavity on your tooth has to be removed. After this happens, you are left with the problem of restoring your lost dental material. After excising the decaying portion of your tooth, your dentist can provide you with a dental filling. This restorative dental work will see your tooth effectively whole again. The material used, composite resin, has cosmetic and functional benefits. The material is able to bond to your tooth directly, and it has the look of your enamel. Your dentist can ensure that it blends in well enough with your tooth to avoid detection by people when you smile. (more…)