Don’t Dismiss Tooth And Jaw Pains

Have you been putting off care for active tooth and jaw pains? When you dismiss active oral health discomfort, you may be creating opportunities for problems to worsen. In the case of tooth pain, what you are ignoring may be a cavity. When you give that cavity more time to grow, it can lead to complications. Eventually, decay’s negative impact on your tooth can become irreversible, meaning the only option left to your dentist is extracting your tooth. Jaw pain, like tooth pain, can be a warning that you need professional restorative dental care. You may be dealing with TMJ dysfunction, which can lead to limitations in your jaw function, and a destructive teeth grinding habit. (more…)

What Kind Of Results Can Your Whitening Treatment Provide?

How much of a change should you anticipate when you decide to receive a professional whitening treatment? Unlike over the counter whitening treatments, which can be limited to addressing surface stains, professional whiteners can go deeper, and make bigger improvements. You can choose to have your dentist perform your treatment in the office, or collect what you need to whiten your teeth at home. One thing that should be understood is that whitening treatments are used to address enamel stains. If your problems stem from intrinsic discoloration – an internal tooth issue – another cosmetic dental treatment can be performed in order to provide you with optimal results. (more…)

Why Should You Consider Receiving Dental Implants?

If you are looking to address tooth loss with some form of dental prosthetic, why should you consider using a dental implant for support? Many patients appreciate dental implants because they make it possible to enjoy better support for restorations. Once placed, they can keep life-like, durable prosthetics stable, and you can have an easier time with daily dental function. They also offer the ability to protect your jawbone from deterioration – without support from an implant, that deterioration can complicate your oral health, and alter your appearance. (more…)

Are You Ready For Your Next Dental Appointment?

If you are not currently attending regular dental checkups, you should know that you are losing out on important preventive dental care. Every visit you make will involve a careful cleaning of your teeth, which protects you against the threat of gum disease and cavities. You will also have a careful examination provided by your dentist. When something is found, your dentist can see to it that you have restorative dental work done before the problem grows in severity. Patients who regularly attend checkups can keep their risk for problems lowered, and protect themselves against the prospect of a more advanced dental issue. (more…)

Periodontal Care Offers Long-Term Value For Your Smile

Taking care of your gums, and taking action when you feel something might be wrong, can help you prevent tooth loss in your later years. So why would your gums have an influence over your risk for tooth loss? The main reason adults lose teeth when they are older is because gum disease was allowed to develop and grow in severity over time. When you have advanced gum disease, known as periodontis, you will suffer damage to the tissue responsible for supporting your teeth. Your dentist can provide periodontal care when you feel something is wrong, so that you can avoid periodontitis, and keep your complete smile. (more…)

How Will Porcelain Veneers Change My Oral Care Needs?

How will your oral care be changed by the placement of porcelain veneers? While people are excited by the promise of major improvements veneers can provide, they can be wary of caring for this cosmetic restoration. After all, they are permanently bonded to teeth, so preserving their condition is of significant importance if you want improvements to your appearance to last. Your daily habits should not change – you should continue to brush and floss, to protect your veneers and teeth from bacteria and food debris. While the material is resistant to staining, you should still exercise care when it comes to eating and drinking darker or color-rich items. (more…)

Quiz: How Cosmetic Dental Treatment Can Change Your Smile

What kind of expectations should you carry in with you when you seek cosmetic dental treatment? Will your dentist be able to make big changes, and address everything you want to fix? Will the procedure you select put you in a situation where you have to perform extra steps to keep your appearance intact? There are several methods your dentist can choose from which can address an assortment of possible concerns you might have. If you are unsure of what you can expect out of cosmetic work, talk to your dentist. A consultation can provide you with information, and inspiration for how you can achieve a bright new smile. (more…)

Serious Toothache? It Might Be Time For A Root Canal

A toothache that persists in causing you discomfort should be looked at by your dentist. If nothing is done to restore your tooth, you could find yourself facing consequential oral health problems. Many people suffer prolonged tooth pain because of a problem that has developed within their tooth. This is often the result of a cavity that has started to attack the tooth’s pulp, and needs to be addressed. A root canal involves the removal of infected tissue from within your tooth. By performing this procedure, your dentist can put an end to your discomfort. Once a root canal has been performed, your dentist can protect your tooth with a dental crown. Thanks to the life-like materials used, crowns can avoid having a negative effect on your smile. (more…)

Why TMJ Problems And Bruxism Are Often Connected

TMJ dysfunction and bruxism are technically two separate issues, though they are often connected to each other. Bruxism refers to an unconscious tendency to grind one’s teeth. This is a habit that typically occurs while you sleep. TMJ problems refer to issues with your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), or jaw joints. This can lead to discomfort in your face, your neck, and your head – many people with chronic headaches are suffering because of TMJ issues. So why are these two concerns linked? The development of one can often lead to the development of the other. Your dentist can help by providing a special oral appliance to tend to your needs. (more…)

Taking Care Of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay that creates a cavity will need to be addressed by your dentist. Your enamel is capable of healing from minor harm, but there will come a point where that recovery is no longer possible without restorative dental care. Your dentist’s approach to fixing the problem will depend on its severity. If you receive treatment in a timely manner, you should only require a dental filling. That being said, a cavity can grow too large for a filling. If this occurs, your dentist will have to take a more involved approach to caring for your tooth. (more…)