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Quiz: Your Daily Dental Care Responsibilities

Your teeth live with cavity risks every day, and you should recognize that oral care is a daily responsibility. If you are serious about stopping cavities from forming, pay attention to how you clean your teeth, and what you eat and drink through the day. Brushing at least twice a day and keeping your sugar intake modest… Read more »

How Often Do You See Your Dentist?

If you keep up with the recommended frequency for dental checkups, you should see your dentist two times a year (not counting any addition trips for restorative or cosmetic work). When you stay on top of this routine, you can improve your defense against problems like tooth decay and gum disease, and receive early warning… Read more »

Making Regular Dental Visits Part Of Your Oral Care Strategy

Think about what you do to prevent cavities: Do you brush at least twice a day? Are you careful to make sure you fully clean your teeth? What about flossing? Do you pay attention to how your diet might affect your likelihood of suffering from tooth decay? Hopefully, you take your daily responsibilities to your… Read more »

Stopping Jaw Pain With TMJ Therapy

You could develop jaw problems over time due of stress. It can also happen suddenly, after an injury disrupts the alignment of your jaw joints. Regardless of the cause, TMJ issues can be a real drain on your quality of life. Something as simple as biting and chewing food can become difficult, as it can… Read more »

3 Choices You Can Make To Improve Your Cavity Defense

Would you ever expect to find someone who was happy to learn that they had a cavity? Tooth decay can be a nuisance, as it requires us to take time out of our schedule for restorative dental work. If you leave the problem unaddressed, you could also experience real discomfort, and find yourself in need… Read more »

Keeping Your Kids Cavity-Free

A parent’s natural instinct is to protect their child from harm. You can help keep them safe from dental problems by taking your kids to the dentist for regular checkups, and helping them learn good oral health habits. Seeing your dentist regularly will help instill a sense that keeping teeth clean and healthy is important…. Read more »

What’s Affecting Your Relative Cavity Risk?

Do cavities seem to be an unfairly frequent occurrence for you? Does it seem like you can barely go more than one dental checkup without having decay found? Different factors can affect your cavity risk. The obvious issues can revolve around your cleaning habits. If you are infrequent or uncaring with how you brush and… Read more »

The Link Between Dry Mouth And Cavities

If you tend to find yourself with a mouth that feels dry or sticky, you may be contending with an issue called xerostomia, also called dry mouth. This stems from insufficient saliva production, which is a problem for your teeth. You may not realize it, but saliva is part of how you avoid cavities. It… Read more »